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Are your needs being met?

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Do you sometimes experience problems in your relationships?

Do you often feel lacking but can't put your finger on why?

Do you sometimes feel resentment, anger and frustration but don't know the source of this?

These feelings could be due to unmet needs. If your needs weren't met as a child, you carry this into your adult relationships and seek out others to meet those needs. This can cause problems in relationships if you require that significant other person to meet all of your needs.

It's important to firstly recognise what your needs are. Then think about the best way to meet those needs either by yourself - for example, a need to feel healthy may involved going to the gym. You may go to one friend to provide you with emotional support but a different friend to have fun with. You may seek a need for intimacy from a partner but look to a child for fulfilling a need of love.

Spinning more strands to your web ensures that you are more likely to be successful in getting your needs met rather than relying on one single person to fulfill them all.

Take a look at my latest video about Needs:

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