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Are you in a drama triangle?

You may have heard of the Karpman drama triangle and wondered what it is.

The drama triangle looks at social interactions and at the roles we adopt in relationships. When in the drama triangle we are either in the role of Persecutor, Rescuer or Victim. This does not mean that there are 3 people in this triangle, but it indicates that in a relationship of 2 people, one is always the victim and the other is in one of the other roles.

At any given time we can switch roles and change the way we interact. All of these roles are damaging.

The persecutor victimises, blames and punishes the victim. The rescuer dis-empowers the victim by doing everything for them and implying they are helpless. The victim remains powerless and avoids any form of taking responsibility.

Do you recognise any of these roles in your relationships?

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