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What is toxic positivity?

💥The belief that no matter how bad things are, you should remain positive.

💥Dismisses negative emotions

💥Offers false reassurance

💥Comes from not being comfortable with negative emotions

💥Can cause an inability to recognise negative feelings

💥Creates a false reality

💥Invalidates someone's

feelings and lived experiences

Now we all know that having a positive, growth mindset is good for mental health.


Too much positivity can actually lead to a decline in mental health. It strips away the ability to deal with difficult situations and emotional times. It can cause guilt and shame for feeling negative emotions because they have not been validated.

Being positive all the time is not authentically human. We all have a range of emotions that are valid and when we learn to be able to express these, understand what they are telling us, it gives us deeper insight and therefore improves personal growth.

If you need some support working through your emotions, get in touch today -

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