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"The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Curiosity has its own reason for existence."

Albert Einstein, 1955

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A warm welcome to you,

There is a reason you have visited my website today and whatever that reason may be, it is lovely to have you here.  Maybe you are feeling a little overwhelmed with life's struggles at the moment.  Maybe you have been trying your best to cope with anxiety, depression, or any number of different mental health issues that many people face daily.  Perhaps you have a fear or phobia that affects your ability to cope in certain situations, or have experienced trauma that you would like to work through. You may have even come here to gather information for a family member or friend, who you feel may need to talk to someone.  

You are not alone.

Life can be difficult at times can't it?  Even just getting up in the morning and facing the day can sometimes feel like the biggest challenge you will face.  Do you ever feel like no-one will understand your troubles because everybody else seems to have their life all figured out?  Let me tell you something. Everyone will face internal conflict at some point in their lives.  The difference is in how each person manages this conflict.    

You have taken the first step today by coming here and acknowledging that you may need some support in the form of therapy and that is a great achievement. 

As a therapist, I provide a warm, welcoming and safe environment for you to explore your feelings and I will encourage you to be curious about where these feelings come from.  Together, we can work through your difficulties to help improve your well-being.  Nothing in life is fixed, we all have the ability to make improvements in our lives and as a counsellor, I can help to facilitate that.

Please take a look at the services I offer in order to see which is best suited to your needs and feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. I offer Counselling and Psychotherapy and also Level 1 BWRT® - Brain Working Recursive Therapy in Chatham, Medway, Kent, United Kingdom.  Online sessions are also available so we can work together no matter where you are.

I hope you find some time to take care of yourself today.

Best wishes.

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