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Psych Savvy Parents in sport

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Do you have a child who participates in a sport? Does your child struggle with managing their emotions during training, competitions or matches and you wish you knew how to support them? Psych Savvy Parents is an online programme designed to empower parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide optimal psychological support to their children who participate in sport. This programme aims to equip parents with the tools to understand and address psychological challenges faced by young athletes, with the provision of educational material, self-exploration opportunities, scenarios and quizzes. Through this programme, parents will gain insight into the emotional and mental pressures that athletes encounter such as performance anxiety, self-doubt, burnout and managing success and failure. Parents will learn effective communication strategies to establish open discussions with their child, fostering trust, understanding and a supportive relationship. The Psych Savvy Parents programme will also focus on teaching parents how to cultivate a positive mindset in young athletes, promoting resilience, self-belief and a healthy attitude towards setbacks and challenges.

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